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SanMarcos Community Living Program

The San Marcos Community Living Program is a long-term living program for individuals living with brain injury or other cognitive disabilities. It is comprised of an attractive small residential home (SmithHouse) near the San Marcos River and our Independent Living Program for individuals who live in their own residences in the city of San Marcos.

Person Centered, Therapeutic Community in San Marcos, TX

We’ve developed a unique approach to our long-term living program which embodies a holistic, individualized and person-centered approach to life. The San Marcos Community Living Program promotes sustained growth, productiveness and quality of life by customizing support to each individual. In all our interactions, we emphasize and provide person-centered support to our residents.

Person-centered support calls for including the resident in decision making at all levels. The core principles of person-centered support include:

  • Empowerment for each person
  • Providing the person with maximum choice
  • Emphasizing respect in all interactions
  • Promoting positive and meaningful relationships
  • Embracing a community of unique individuals who all have a sense of belonging and purpose

A major component of person-centered care is choice. Our residents may choose to participate in numerous activities that interest them personally, such as volunteering in the community, becoming involved with a church community, or joining the local activity center. Recreational outings are also a regular part of life, including bowling, going to a movie or coffee shop or dining at restaurants.

Staff work alongside residents to determine what activities each person is most comfortable participating in. Residents are encouraged to take on responsibilities for themselves and for their surrounding community in order to create a sense of belonging and purpose.

For more on the philosophy behind our Community Living Program, read about our founder David Seaton and his philosophy on long term care for those with cognitive disabilities.

In addition, we have two other living programs:

RidgeOak Living Community: A residential home in Austin, TX that assists adults living with mental illness or other cognitive disabilities.

LiveOak Living Community: A rural residential living community located just outside San Marcos, TX for adults living with brain injury, mental health or other cognitive disabilities.

Support tailored to the individual.

SanMarcos is a small residential and community-based living program offering person-centered support for adults living with brain injuries and other cognitive disabilities.